About Nemesysco

Established in 2000, Nemesysco Ltd pioneered the field of voice analysis technologies, and became a world-leading provider of voice analysis solutions powered by the proprietary “Layered Voice Analysis” (LVA™) technology. Nemesysco’s portfolio of solutions caters to the specialized needs of several markets, including the security, corporate and fintech markets. Nemesysco strives to enable organizations to enhance crime detection and prevention; expedite investigations; identify fraud more effectively; improve veracity assessment during fair recruitment processes and help in improving sales and services standards in the commercial sphere.

Nemesysco’s value proposition is strongly rooted in being the “best in breed” in extracting authentic emotions with unmatched accuracy. We continuously invest in research and academic studies in order to perfect our technology’s performance and ensure that it remains compatible with the changing technological landscape and the needs of our customers. We are dedicated to ensuring that our solutions are the best ones available in each of the industries we serve.

Nemesysco operates through an ever-expanding network of partners and service centers around the world, committed to serving and supporting our global customer base with care & dedication.

Nemesysco's academic research partners

Nemesysco makes a difference across multiple industries

With unique use-cases and challenges, each market informs our R&D efforts as we tailor solutions for the following:


Police, Homeland Security (HLS), investigations, access control, recruitment, prison systems.


Recruitment & vetting, emotional profile tests, employees wellbeing, call centers, fraud prevention, KYC, credit risk, marketing and research.

Governmental, insurance and finances

Social security, taxation, fraud prevention and recruitment.

Medical and well-being

Stress, depression and cognitive deterioration detection, work-related stress detection, medical call centers.

Hi-Tech & OEM

Software developers, system integrators, call centers, toys, hardware and embedded systems.


Research enablement, mental conditions detection, cognitive deterioration and depression monitoring, elderly live-alone monitoring


TV, cellular services, games.

Nemesysco wants to advance the research & understanding of humans’ emotions, reactions and interpersonal interactions, so we can serve mankind & justice, and help to build a healthier and happier society.