What is InTone™?​

InTone™ is a fine-tuned voice analysis suite optimized to detect genuine emotions regardless of the speaker’s language or chosen intonation. It seamlessly integrates into existing call center environments and enhances performance by providing realtime indications of both client and agent emotional reactions throughout all ongoing calls. This unique set of indications assists managers and call center representatives to truly understand the client, improve call center performance, elevate training efficiency and provide a tailored customer experience in every single call.

InTone solutions capture genuine emotional cues from your customer and agents and provide real time indication to your representatives making sure they are on the optimal path to satisfy the customer needs and close the next deal.

4 mission-specific modules make up InTone systems

Operator's interface

InTone's operator's interface runs on the operators' workstation and captures the voice from any softphone system to perform emotion analysis in realtime. Depending on the preference, the operator's interface can display emotion indications live, show risk related indications or run in the background and rout data to the managers screen only.

Management dashboard

InTone's management dashboard shows streaming data from all operators' units, providing to-the-minute managerial insights, call alerts, operational KPI's, and access to emotion analysis of both client and operator in all ongoing calls.

InTone's training manager unit

Every recorded call is logged and provides managers with an intuitive graphic display flagging problematic calls for quick identification. All calls can be replayed while showing both the operator's and the client’s emotional states throughout the call. A useful tool to spot systematic failures easily and train operators efficiently

Secured server

InTone's server module manages the real-time connection between the operators and the management's data and control module. The server also shares storage locations, where call logs, call recordings and analysis results are archived.

InTone.AI 2023 call center solution

Data privacy and security

At Nemesysco we support our clients in their data protection compliance. InTone is a data driven system which processes various forms of personal data. To ensure our clients are able to deploy Intone in a compliant way, we have completed a Data Protection Impact Assessment, available to our clients. We help our clients take all necessary steps to minimize their data protection risks. These include: advanced data security, establishing a legal basis for processing, specific recommendations on training, guidance on clients' obligations from data subject rights to storage limitation, and more. Most importantly, InTone can be deployed on-prem with no access by Nemesysco, ensuring that clients are not exposing personal data to any third parties. 

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