Editions & Features

InTone is available in a number of custom editions to make sure that you get the set of features that is just right for your needs. Please contact us to hear more about our special pricing plans and tailored offers.

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Standard Edition

For services contact centers

Serving support and customer service centers, InTone standard features a full agent UI incl. live in-call emotion indications, with realtime management features

Plus Edition

For sales contact centers

Designed with tele-sales call centers in mind, InTone Plus comes with a full agent UI incl. live in-call emotion & risk indications, with realtime management features

Pro Edition

The power package

Call centers' managers and top trainers can enjoy the Pro edition using a full agent UI incl. live in-call emotion & risk indications, with realtime & Post processing imported calls features

Risk Edition

For risk-assessment contact centers

Made to serve underwriters, lenders and credit assessors, InTone RISK has full agent UI incl. live in-call emotion and risk indications, with realtime & offline risk assessment features.

Fraud-detection for insurance & underwriting

RA7, Nemesysco's Fraud Detection & Risk Assessment solution for insurance and financial call centers, combines the full power of LVA™ with mission-specific call scripts to help detect potential fraud and gauge risk.

InTone offers flexible monthly, annual and custom payment plans.
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Feature Comparison

Standard Edition
Plus Edition
Pro Edition
Risk Edition
Risk Assessment Suite
Features – Agent
Real-Time emotion detection
Call recording with full encryption
Full agent-side emotion indicators display
Interruption-free mode for agents*
Agent’s call outcome feedback (optional)
Personality type indication
Automatic call priority analysis and triggers
In-call risk detection and live insights
Call script option
Features – Manager side
Risk-centric reports for scripted calls
In-depth manager reports and dashboards
Real-Time monitoring of all ongoing calls
Post-processing & batch analysis of calls
Teams-enabled architecture and performance analysis
Real-Time monitoring of agent’s in-call emotions
Real-Time monitoring of customer in-call emotions
Export daily reports snapshots
Real-time truth assessment on agent’s display
AI powered insights
Risk summary report and call recording player
Emotion QA report and call recording player
Full risk logging and reports

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