InTone™ Suite for Call Centers

Driving Real-time results with in-call emotion detection

InTone™ Suite for Call Centers

Driving Real-time results with in-call emotion detection

In sales, support and even collection, building rapport with your customer is a significant key to customer's satisfaction.

InTone™ enhances your call center with the power of true insight into the authentic emotions of your customers in every single call. And that’s just the beginning….

InTone™ is optimized to serve KPI-driven call centers tasked with producing excellent sales, support and customer success, with special tools for situations where truth matters.

The InTone™ system is easily installed and configured to meet your needs. Its friendly user interfaces are readily understood by operators & managers of different levels.

Real-time call supervision? No problem. Just looking for post-call analysis? We do that too.

For operators

Enhance your operators’ engagement skills by easily reflecting the true emotions of their clients during service calls or sales efforts. Keep an open eye on your agents performance and track stress & fatigue to ensure employee well-being and call center’s health.

For Managers

Extend your supervision capabilities and reduce reaction time. Enable immediate assistance to clients and operators in need. Set service KPIs & targets based on quantifiable and automated data.

For Customers

Like your business, InTone™ is CSAT-centric. Ensure customers’ needs are properly understood and expertly addressed. Identify repeating customers’ complaints and reduce your call centers’ workload.

InTone™ is the result of over 23 years of research and experience in voice analysis and emotion detection across multiple applications, disciplines, languages and cultures. With Nemesysco's best practices under its hood, InTone™ becomes a most powerful tool for your call center management and CSAT policy.

The power of knowing Your Customer Your Representative Your Team

Friendly User Interface

Your screen real estate is precious, that's why InTone™ delivers its invaluable insights in a small floating window - and can even run in the background.

Operator's View

The operator's interfaces enable intuitive in-call understanding of the client's true emotional responses, interests and satisfaction level, as well as realtime warning signs in InTone's risk assessment editions.

Automated process

Start and end calls analysis seamlessly. Call priority scores are automatically analyzed and sent to the managers' dashboards while simultaneously being recorded and stored for later review.

Managers Interface

InTone™ enhances managers' supervision abilities both in real time and by a rich set of offline tools and focused performance data. this combination of call escalation monitoring, access to emotional insights of ongoing calls and in-depth drill down into recorded calls for reporting and training purposes helps managers excel at their tasks.

Emotion detection

InTone uses a series of advanced algorithms to capture both operators' & customers' true emotions as well as their engagement styles.

Highly secured

InTone™ is GDPR compliant & protects personal data from end to end. Data is stored encrypted and all processing and storage is done on-premise.

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