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InTone extracts and analyzes different sets of vocal properties that are indicative of genuine emotional states and unfiltered reactions. When used in the call center space, InTone’s in-call indications help representatives to understand customers and their needs and adapt their engagement style on the fly. The system’s invaluable insights enable a personalized and faster service, help close deals, and save time on customers that have no desire to engage. In addition, these emotional readings are routed to the manager’s desk in real-time, providing valuable performance data and enabling immediate intervention when conversations are headed in a negative direction.

Call center managers learn to identify emotional states when listening-in on specific calls. They then expertly react to resolve the situation at hand. Nevertheless, even the best managers can’t have their ear on all ongoing calls. Knowing which calls to listen to is almost impossible. This is where InTone steps in and serves as a powerful “artificial ear” that listens to all ongoing calls simultaneously and flags only those calls that may require a manager’s expertise.

Most versions of InTone.AI are designed to reveal various types of emotional reactions, rather than being a “Lie Detector”. These editions can capture so-called “soft-lies,” such as statements like “These decisions are made by my wife” or “Sure, I’m interested, call me later today.” InTone’s primary focus is on improving call center KPIs through emotion detection tasks. However, InTone.AI RISK edition is specifically designed for fraud detection, utilizing a more advanced system to assess risk in the voice. If you’re looking to detect fraud, we recommend using the InTone.AI RISK edition.

InTone was developed for small & medium call centers. As such, call center owners and decision makers, as well as system integrators serving the call center space are among InTone’s most direct clients. But – any professional active in sales, lead validation, debt collection, or any other use-case that can benefit from emotional analysis of live or recorded calls can easily use InTone’s abilities to drive results.

Certainly! InTone serves small to medium size call centers and you can use features that are the best fit for your needs. The system can help drive KPIs in a variety of ways; from in-call alerts just for operators, to a fully deployed solution with real-time alerts and call access to managers, enhanced with comprehensive data logs, automatic report, post-processing of recorded calls and more. From sales/support performance optimization, to preserving your team by detecting work-related stress – InTone can provide dramatic improvement of your call center.

Fraud detection requires a different toolset based on Nemesysco’s Layered Voice Analysis technology (LVA). Please visit to learn about our specialized fraud prevention solutions.

There are different ways to integrate QA7 (our core emotion detection technology for call centers) into your environment. As a desktop solution, InTone is installed alongside your existing setup and powers up your call center’s performance without requiring complex integration or IT expertise. Based on your requirements, our team will happy to advise and assist you as you begin to work with the data that InTone reveals. Call us! It is simpler than you would think.

InTone was designed for a quick, plug-&-play implementation. Depending on the size of your call center, implementation could take as little as a few hours or up to a few short days. Usability training is usually accomplished in a single hour. The InTone system, unlike other “emotion detection” products, requires no on-site training or generation of “key word lists”. It works straight out of the box and is good to go in any language.

In every call center scenario, statistics show that between 3% to 5% of the ongoing calls contain negative feelings. Listening to a random 5% of the calls as most call centers do, has a very small chance for a manager to stumble upon a relevant call. The result of this practice is that only a fraction of all negative calls is reviewed. Listening to the flagged priority calls which InTone streams to the manager’s desk in real time ensures that most of the negative calls can be addressed with minimal waste of the manager’s time searching for these calls. Add the ability to simultaneously get insights about the customer and the representative and improve compatibility and best practices training and you get a highly efficient tool.

Examining calls using InTone’s emotion viewers shows the exact points where call took the wrong turn, thus dramatically enhancing your ability to reflect it and approach training in a methodical, data-driven way.

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